Bringing Comfort to Families in Transitional Housing, One Room at a Time

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Volunteering for good

Our Mission

Topanga Women’s Circle (TWC) is committed to making a difference to
homeless families as they move into transitional housing. TWC turns sparse,
institutional apartments into comfortable homes. By providing new and like-new items, we help create an environment of comfort, warmth and dignity.

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Your Donations at Work

It's the little things ...

A new kettle, fresh bath towels and crisp new sheets that help create a comfortable and welcoming home for families.

After - Living Room 3

Living Room $200

Throw pillows, rugs, lamps, coffee table magazines, and books create a warm welcome.

After - Dining Room

Dining Room $250

The table set is set with dishes, silverware and fresh flowers. A welcome note and Target gift card help for last-minute purchases the family might need.

Kitchen setup

Kitchen $500

Everything needed for a family including dishes, silverware, glassware (minimum sets of four), non-perishable foods (the things your kids would eat).

After - Bedroom

Bedroom $350

Fresh bedding, new pillows, and cozy decor allow the family to finally have a good night’s sleep.

Bathroom $150

From shower curtains, fluffy new towels and bath mats to personal care products, the bathroom is fully stocked for the new family.

How You Can Help

Recipient Testimonials

“My kitchen, my room, my bathrrom and the living room came out so beautiful. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you all did for my family. It means more than the world to me.”
“The stress of not knowing where you’re going to sleep…to finally being able to sleep in clean sheets that hadn’t been slept in by anyone else, it was just so nice”
“I am so happy for the generosity & donations and the food and the towels and the sheets and the tea kettle, it all was just so nice. So thank you…thank you so very much.”

Over 12,000* homeless families and many more are teetering on the brink

In the Greater Los Angeles Area alone, there are over 46,000 unsheltered people, including many families and veterans. Working with two agencies, Westwood Transitional Village and Venice Community Housing, TWC helps the neediest of families.

*per 2020 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count