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It’s the little things...
A new kettle, fresh bath towels and crisp new sheets that help create a comfortable and welcoming home for families coming off the streets.

Topanga Women's Circle (TWC) is committed to making a difference to homeless families as they move into transitional housing. By enhancing their lives at a crucial time, they are given a sense of dignity and self-worth.   

TWC is an organization of volunteer women who help the neediest of families by furnishing their new housing with the little necessities we take for granted. By providing new and like-new items, we help create an environment of comfort, warmth and dignity.

We presently work with two community housing organizations:
Venice Community Housing and Westwood Transitional Village.

TWC purchases and receives donations of new bedding, bathroom towels, rugs, personal and cleaning products, kitchen supplies, non-perishable food items, infant and toddler clothing and age-appropriate books and toys. Gently used lamps, rugs and tchotchkes help turn a bare-bones space into a home.

When the families later move into more permanent housing, they take with them all the items provided by TWC.

The need in Los Angeles is great. There are currently over 8,000 homeless families and many more teetering on the brink. TWC approaches this problem by encouraging women within our community to participate in a hands-on way in improving the lives of those who so very desperately need our help.

Storage Bin at Pine Tree Circle

TWC is a project of Community Partners


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