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We continue to be busy, albeit in a slightly different way. Still doing drop offs and this week a mom and her 12 y.o. son and 5 y.o. daughter have found a safe place, out of their car and in a home of their own. While it’s only bridge housing, the rapidity with which these tenants are finding permanent housing is heartening. We had loads of lovely things for this move-in family including art supplies and lego donated by Isabel Freeman.

Teresa pulled and Emma delivered everything to Westwood but before she left, Bonnie Graves met her at the bin with some really great donations of games and puzzles, all in good condition. Her friend donated a load of toiletries and face creams, wonderful additions and all things we were low on. Thank you, Bonnie, for continuing to be such a wonderful champion of TWC. Between your annual ice cream sandwich sale that netted us over $700 and your spreading the word in the community about what we do and encouraging your terrific kids, Sophie and Sawyer, to share with those less fortunate, we are indeed lucky to have you.

Lizzie Kipner provided the perishables for this family and knowing Lizzie, it was a BIG shop! Since she lives in Malibu, Emma met her down at the Malibu Feed Bin for the handover, before heading to Westwood Transitional Village. Thanks, Lizzie! Dana Briskman had also offered to get perishables. We really appreciate the way you are all jumping in so quickly to help in any way you can. It is so appreciated. 

And another very generous donation from Emma Murray’s lovely daughter Indie of cute handbags, art supplies and throw pillows. Thank you, Indie! One day last week Emma found $20 on the ground outside the bin and she used it to buy soaps, shampoos and conditioners!

And delivered today to Teresa were six boxes from Target containing lots of towels, sheets (including crib sheets), and pillows, all items we needed. Thank you so much, Catherine Grasso for your thoughtful generosity. What a fabulous gift!

So all delivered to Nicholas (now he has purple hair!) and his wonderful crew who, along with some of the office staff, are doing the set-ups!
One day, hopefully in the not too distant future, we will actually be able to resume our work at Westwood and Venice and do all the things we took for granted and miss so keenly.

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