8 is Enough

The email came in from Margarita at Westwood Transitional Village (WTV) alerting us to a new move-in…this time a family of eight. Mom, Dad and six children ranging in age from ​pre-school to late teens. Within an hour an email went out to all our volunteers requesting help and,
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There Are No Magic Wands

How we created a home for a formerly homeless Veteran. The notice arrived on Thursday. “We have a mom, who is a veteran, and her 12-year-old daughter moving in Tuesday. Who can help with this set up and who can bring perishables?” This is our call to action for volunteers
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Autumn 2016 Set-up

Color coordinated! Welcome place setting with welcome card and a $25 gift card to Target Darling boy’s bedroom with fabulous bedding donated by Randi DenBesten This is a full fridge for a large family move-in Our volunteers are getting younger & younger, here is Sawyer hauli
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